Anthracite filter media acc. to
    EN 12909 and AWWA B100-09
    "Made in Germany"

  • Modern Production Plant

    As a leading producer of anthracite filtermedia for water treatment we exclusively process German anthracite because of its outstanding quality.

  • Filtermedia for Water Treatment

    Anthracite, Activated Carbon, Quartz sand, Manganese dioxide, Ironhydroxide,...

  • Quality and competence

    We provide filter materials for our customers for the treatment of water with the aim to produce high quality drinking water by using the best anthracite.

  • Worldwide convincingly in use

    Around the globe more than 22 billion litres
    of drinking water are being filtered daily with EVERZIT® filter materials.

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Evers e.K. Wassertechnik und Anthrazitveredelung

EVERZIT® Filter Materials

Anthracite, Quartz sand and gravel, Activated carbon, Manganese dioxide, Ironhydroxide, Dolomite and Carbonate.

For use in dual media filtration, Particle filtration, Removal of Iron and Manganese, Adsorption and Deacidification.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Chlorine, Sodiumhypochlorite, Flocculant and Filter materials according to DIN 19643

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